We Open Shop

Lowering barriers to 🛠️ and 💪

We Open Shop Mission:

Our mission is to create a supportive shop environment where women and non-binary folks can grow creatively and professionally through free and accessible education in wood- and metalworking.


What is We Open Shop?

We Open Shop is a Maker Village-supported guild committed to building an inviting shop community for women and non-binary makers in Kansas City. WOS is facilitated by a group of women who are skilled artists, builders, and makers. These facilitators collaborate monthly in a physical shop space, and offer education and periodic open shop instruction for all skill levels.

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Who We Are

WOS is facilitated by Angelica Sandoval, Greta de la Rua,  and Megan Pace.


Who Can Join We Open Shop?

WOS began in January 2021. Currently, open shops are open to the facilitators. Plans are underway to begin welcoming women and nonbinary makers who are members of Maker Village to open shops. Later in the year, our goal is to offer free shop education opportunities to the public as well.


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